Sweet History Album Information





Release Date

February 22, 2017 

(Title track and “Age is a State of Mind” pre-released

 January 2017)


Track list

1) Wrong From Right

2) Famous in a Small Town

3) Sweet History

4) Rail Whiskey

5) Getting Out for the Night

6) Slow Dance in the Sun

7) Age is a State of Mind


 Sweet History is Ben Morgan’s debut album, and showcases a versatile, but cohesive sound. Sweet History, the title track, features Ben’s strong vocals, engaging guitar work, and lyrics which stand on their own, but also include imbedded references to prior artists and classic songs to pay homage to those who paved the way for Ben and his contemporaries.  Wrong From Right is a driving song of bad decisions and regret. Famous in a Small Town, an autobiographical ballad about the life of a small-town artist, was written by Ben during his time in Decatur, Illinois. Slow Dance in the Sun, a female-friendly tribute to love’s ability to withstand the obstacles of life, showcases Ben’s softer side and vocal range.    Getting Out for the Night has a country-rock influence, with a unique touch of funk. Rail Whiskeyis a guitar-driven rock n' roller, and Age is a State of Mind is a mid-tempo ballad of a man who refuses to let his age define him.



314.276.0101 (Charles Kramer)

  Ben Morgan began playing music at a young age and professionally in high school. Following graduation, Ben attended a comprehensive music program at Millikan University.  While in school, Ben contributed his talents as a studio musician and continued to play in several bands, playing throughout the Midwest and parts of Northeastern United States.  Leaving school to return to the road, Ben initially performed as a solo guitar artist, or as part of duo acts with an accompanying bass player or female vocalist. Ben had written original music all of his life, however, and frequently worked original compositions into his performances. In late 2015, with the help of Leg-Up Productions, Ben began concentrating on his original works, forming his band for that purpose.


Ben Morgan’s sound, often referred to as “New Country” or "Country Rock,” actually reflects a country base, flavored by blues and rock influences. Ben’s vocals and guitar solos highlight music with a stirring combination of driving songs and thoughtful ballads. His music appeals to both male and female fans, of all ages. 


Upon request, Leg-Up Productions,LLC will provide radio, television, media, venues, artist management, labels and other appropriate persons with mp3 or wav copies of representative songs from the Sweet History album,  a secure code to stream the entire album from SoundCloud,  a CD containing the entire album, or .wav or  .mp3 files of any or all songs .  For more information contact Leg-Up Productions at


UPCOMING CONCERT:  Budweiser® Presents Ben Morgan and Band Live on Stage @ The Biergarten    Anheuser-Busch,  St. Louis, MO   Date:  April 1, 2017.





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Who is Ben Morgan

Ben Morgan is a singer songwriter, who tours with the four piece Ben Morgan Band, and also performs in smaller venues in an accoustic/keyboard duo format.  His debut album "Sweet History" was released in late 2017, and his next release is scheduled for summer of this year.

Ben's music combines classic rock, southern rock, new country and blues influences, and features songs which are crowd-pleasing, driving and fun, but also includes the occasional slower tune and thoughtful ballad.

Ben Morgan is also known for his encyclopedic knowledge of hundreds of crowd favorite songs from all genres, including classic rock, country, new country, folk, blues, southern rock etc, his abilities on guitar and keys, and his love of interacting with, and entertaining, his live audiences and fans. 

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